VideoNasty! Presents:

Sorry for the radio silence y’all, I’ve been hard at work with a new Instagram series – ‘Video Nasty!’ where I’ll be doing a deep dive into the colour palettes and cinematography of cult cinema. It’s an explorative series for myself, to gain a better understanding of (and insight towards) colour theory.  First one up […]

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Halloween H40 / Review

Like most of the Horror Realm, I went to see ‘Halloween’ on last Friday. I hit the Arc Cinema, dragging along my uninterested boyfriend. It was spectacular to say the least. Franchises like ‘Halloween’, ‘Friday the 13th’, and ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ were abused for cash-grabs during the 80s + 90s, resulting in a […]

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So… I went to see ‘The Predator’ last night.. I was warned by a heap ton of my friends, as well as the online reaction that it was beyond terrible and not to waste my time. Like, there was a lot of aggressive vitriol towards this release, but as always, I generally pay no heed to […]


Podcast Central

Hey y’all! I know it’s been like, 16 thousand years since I’ve posted anything – the summer was rough out between work and prepping to head back to college, but I’m back, and ready to talk more shit than ever before! So, with my courses’ timetable, it leaves me with a lot of ‘free gaps’ […]

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Spooky Doorway’s ‘The Darkside Detective’ caught my eye, many moons ago – alas, between college, work and life in general, I never really had time to sit down and actually play it, let alone enjoy it. So I refused to go near it until I had the time to actually absorb its content… and that […]